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Tea With the Muse

Tea With the MuseTea With the MuseTea With the Muse


2020 The Year of the Artist

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Who said that? I did. No one else has made that claim, but for me both as a creative woman and an artist, I know this to be true. 2020 is the year of the artist. 2020 kicks off a new decade and what better time then to make important soul claims then at the beginning!

As always, the Divine Feminine energy is rising and flowing around me, a sacred sisterhood is gathering and sharing, and creativity abounds! Nothing will or can stop us!

2020 brings with it major changes, and just as I have always done, I am flowing with it. Two HUGE changes have already occurred.

1. I have accepted The Red Thread Connection and entered into the Intentional Creativity Color of WomenTeacher Training program. This program preliminarily begins as of January 10, officially as of March 1, and will come to completion with graduation in November 2020. Throughout the year and my training, I will begin to offer special Intentional Creativity / COW workshops.  As of Full Moon -- tomorrow, January 10 -- I begin the formulation of a local Red Thread Connection tribe, circle, clan, sisterhood.

2. As of March 1, 2020, The Artist Loft Studio will (as of this time) be homeless and thus potentially come to a conclusion after a 30+ years journey serving the local artist community. [For more info go to WEEKLY LIVE CLASSES] SO... this means, starting In February, I will begin offering all my classes through my private art studio until I find a new established art studio in the community to teach through.

The Goddess is afoot, Magic is afoot, and as she always does, the Divine Feminine changes everything she touches! I willingly accept the changes and flow forward with them. 

This website will begin to reflect the changes. Visit often! Subscribe today to begin receiving updates on The Red Thread Tribe of Southern California.


About Kisma


Creativity IS Contagious

Inside each of us an artist resides. Perhaps your artist is scared and hiding. Perhaps your artist is peeking out from behind a curtain. Perhaps your artist is standing in the sunlight, paintbrush in hand with smeared paint on fingers and hands. Here, at Studio Inspiration Art Journal, each level of Artist is celebrated! WELCOME!

Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certificate, May 20, 2019

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is good for the soul, not to mention stress reduction and emotional release! As a Therapeutic Art Life Coach I weave in different techniques that take us deep into our Artist and soulful areas needing attention. It's easy to do! 

Art Journal ideas and techniques arise everyday and channeling them into online classes, with the addition of an occasional  arts and crafts project  offers a well-rounded studio experience. 

For those of you who live in Orange County, California, I teach several weekly classes at The Artist Loft Studio. Come play and have some fun!

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