About Kisma

About Kisma


Creativity IS Contagious

Inside each of us an artist resides. Perhaps your artist is scared and hiding. Perhaps your artist is peeking out from behind a curtain. Perhaps your artist is standing in the sunlight, paintbrush in hand with smeared paint on fingers and hands. Here, at Studio Inspiration Art Journal, each level of Artist is celebrated! WELCOME!

Some basics about me:

I'm a Cancer, born July 4, 1958.

I'm a native of California, whose heritage is Irish & Romanian Gypsy, with ancestry linked all the way back to uhem, Vlad! Infact, my DNA report has shown me some rather interesting details!

I live in Newport Beach, California.

I'm married to Jack.  We have a son named Tristan and a dog named Mari.

Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certificate, May 20, 2019

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is good for the soul, not to mention stress reduction and emotional release! As a Therapeutic Art Life Coach I weave in different techniques that take us deep into our Artist and soulful areas needing attention. It's easy to do! 

Art Journal ideas and techniques arise everyday and channeling them into online classes, with the addition of an occasional  arts and crafts project  offers a well-rounded studio experience. 

For those of you who live in Orange County, California, I teach several weekly LIVE ZOOM classes. TUNE IN and have some fun!

More About ME



I paint what I see inside. I love working in art journals, creating altered book art journals, and taking my creations from the page to the canvas... and on occasion from the canvas to the page! My creative journey is based in watercolors but has taken me into so many mediums that I believe I love acrylics the most. 

Some of the mediums I work besides acrylics and watercolors are: gouache, water-soluable pastels-colored pencils-markers, Gelatos, Caran d'Ache Neocolor II, Graphite, Posca pens, Stabillo Pencil, Glaze Pens, texture paste, stencils, and a regular old pencil.

I love working in layers... lots and lots of layers, distressing paintings, vibrant colorful paintings, collage paintings and sketch paintings. I also work with encaustic wax and fibers, throwing in the making of journals and fiber weaving to create embellished covers. 


2020 has begun a new journey for me as I am currently training as an Intentional Creativity Teacher in the Color of Woman Musea program with Shiloh Sophia. This promises to bring-forth a new level of creativity and is quite exciting and strenuous. 


I'm an immersive digital VIRTUAL 3d / 2d artist

For the past 5 years I have worked as an assistant curator to Reiner Schneiber (Germany), who is head curator for various worldwide Biennales. I was actively involved as curator and team facilitator for Santorini Biennale 2016, the 1Biennale 2018 ~ Touching Reality;  the Faked VR in the Wrong Biennale 2019./2020

Our current projects are the 1Biennale Santorini 2020 and the new World In A Fridge InterBiennale 2020 - 2027.. 

I began exploring the virtual world of immersive digital art, leading to several virtual / real life exhibits, resulting in a 1Biennale 2018 Award ~ The Long-Legged Maskitt. Some of my digital art can be viewed on my wix.com website.

I'M A creative

So, I guess you could say I am obsessed with anything creative because I don't know how not to be creative. Like YOU!

You can also find me on:



I am first a writer and have published  9 non-fiction books  and 7 novels, my recent release, BEYOND ATLANTIS, The Empress and the Magician, can be found on Amazon. My other books can be found at THE FAERY CHRONICLES website.

I believe in the supernatural, nature, and love life -- not to mention my enjoyment of watching Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel.

Don't gasp, but I'm a gamer and love to play Elderscrolls, Ark Survival Evolved and Fallout76 on  XboxOne x! My gamer tag is Kisma123456789. If you play multiplayer in any one of these games, hit me up and say hi. We can play together sometime.

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Healing & Joy ~ Angels of Light

In this most tumultuous time of the CoVid19 pandemic, I share with you a special message and a gift mixed media art project in the hopes of bringing your spirits up! There are 5 videos in total. Enjoy!

Video 1 - a sharing & Healing Meditation

Video 2

Video 2 - preparing the base and designing the collage layer.

Video 3

Video 3 - working with a faux encaustic effect & grids.

Video 4

Video 4 - painting with acrylics and inks, focusing on shadows and light.

Video 5

Video 5, the final embellishments.

I hope you have enjoyed this project and all is well with you and yours!

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Art Supporter Donation

Your donation, no matter how small, will enable me to continue to purchase necessary supplies for the creation of FREE youtube classes. With gratitude!


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card