Red Thread Connection

My Dear Beloved

"Sisters, meet me at the Red Thread Café! Our quantum "virtual" sanctuary! Our cosmic studio! Nourishing ourselves with the colors of creative women! We are co-weaving a mythos of the feminine Gathering common threads of colorful creation Claiming our chosen Lineage!

"What is a Red Thread Café? You ask. Does a place like this really exist? You wonder. In the heart of every woman is a Red Thread Café connection. Here there is enough time for you To hone your craft, dream and rest into you Claiming a practice for your Creative Spirit!

"When you get here, we will greet you! My sister, my friend, I remember You I have missed You, welcome home!

"Gather with us to share your wisdom. We celebrate art practices of every craft. We curate a gallery of glorious creation! Here you can request prayer and insight. Here you find care, compassion and teaching. Here you are encouraged to heal and transform!

"Sacred time and sacred space for you. An invitation to sip alchemical tea with your Muse Falling in love with the mysteries of the Universe! You are the Legend in the story you are telling. You are capable of authoring your transformation. Your self-expression is the key to your vitality!

"We are breath, soil and stardust. Cosmic Cowgirls who straddle the paradox. Wise, wild women reclaiming our own names! Red drum beat to summon the hidden gifts! Red tent of our Ancestors quickening us! Red hem of the garment of the great Dancing Lady! When we feel a sense of belonging, Sacred remembrance stirs our souls. A circle to honor creation has been called!

"And YOU... are the Guest of Honor Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!"
                                                                          ~ Sacred Remembrance, Shiloh Sophia


About The Red Thread Connection

You are here because you've always been making your way here.


Our Red Thread Circles Are Virtual

I've created a new Meetup group:

I've created a new Meetup group:

I've created a new Meetup group:


and I am inviting you to join

I've created a new Meetup group:

I've created a new Meetup group:


by holding out the red thread to you.

Our Red Thread Circles Are Live

HOW WILL YOU attend?

After becoming a member either choice 1 or 2 or BOTH!, you will need to  download a very safe and FREE application onto your computer, ipad, tablet and/or smartphone/iphone by going to

where you will also setup your FREE profile.

It's as simple as that.

There is absolutely ZERO money connected to becoming a Red Thread Holder. This is offered to you as my personal service to the sacred sisterhood.

Below I provide a video of a live stream red thread circle I held. I advise you to watch it and see if it calls to your heart.

However, more importantly, I truly believe the only way to be sure is to come have tea with me and the other sisters of the Red Thread Connection. We are a smaller local group of a world-wide Red Thread Connection.  

I am holding a red thread circle twice a month. 

As this is a startup, each month I will rotate the day & time to see which accommodates the majority of us. In addition, we do have a private facebook group open to only the Beloveds who have actually participated in a live virtual red thread circle or with me in person at some point in time.


What Happens At A Red Thread Circle

We support, witness and listen to each other

What to expect in a Red Thread Circle meetup event in the comfort of your own home? 

You will be seen, heard and uplifted by those of us holding red thread, as we journey in vision,  affirm our needs, and often express our souls creatively. 

This is a universal environment where all are welcome and equally supported. 

Wherever you are in your life, you can participate in a circle. The space we gather in is expansive, as it can happen in a home, a boardroom, the beach, your car, or across the video or phone lines. 

This invitation is as a kind of schooling of your soul development. What is also wonderful is that you do not need to be an expert in any field…the ball of red thread does so much of the work of creating both the context and container!

The way of the Red Thread invites us to live life as sacred, working with ritual and gathering in circle. This is an Intentional Creativity approach to guiding circles. We welcome you!  


A Red Thread Circle

Join me for a filming of a live streamed red thread circle.

Preparing To Join

There are two ways to join Our red thread circles

Choice 1: Join the meetup RED THREAD CONNECTION group to receive direct email notices on each red thread circle event. 


Choice 2: Subscribe to this website and receive emails on not only the Red Thread Circles but also on all special events and offers I make. 

You are also invited to accept both choices.




I am calling you...

Your circle is gathering

Your circle is gathering

This is your call! 

We are waiting for you!

Join us for the next Red Thread Virtual Circle with me and other sacred sisters

for an hour space of time. 

Bring a cup of tea, a journal, your red thread, anything else you wish to have with you and get comfortable.  


Your circle is gathering

Your circle is gathering

Your circle is gathering


For Next date:

Join Zoom Meeting 

Meeting ID: 385 382 5847

Once registered you'll be given the PASSWORD


Take hold the red thread

Your circle is gathering

Take hold the red thread


I have been waiting for you.

Holds out the red thread to you.

 I am excited to meet you at our next 

LIVE virtual Red Thread Circle!

You need it. 

I need it. 

We all need it.

In love holding the red thread,


Words Of Shiloh Wisdom To Leave With You

A Council of Women

Women are gathering for circle 

Our dresses are woven with threads from many lands 

Scarlet, crimson, magenta and candied orange 

We are weaving a circle of Red Threads

The fabric for healing is moving through the land 

From the edge of the forest, 

the heart of the desert from the middle of the sea 

and the top of the mountain 

We have heard the call and are ready

Each woman is called to gather her own circle 

offer her medicine, share her gifts 

She is creating altars of transformation 

as she mends tears in the fabric. 

She calls her circle in her own village 

yet gathering with her many sisters gives her strength 

Courage and insight are the language of women 

Let us come together to remember the sacred work 

Are you coming to join us? 

Shared wisdom will overflow 

A good woman will storytell us between the worlds... 


Red Thread & The Rose Meditation

A soul practice for you... see you soon!