Visionary Art ~ IC

I Paint what i see inside

I am a visionary artist and as such my paintings are often whimsical and unrealistic. Rather, I see each painting as an expression of my soul, a soul message rising to my conscious awareness in the language of my inner landscape. Often, my paintings are wrought with symbols that hold great meaning for me personally and I believe for others. 

Each painting was created using the Intentional Creativity 13-step method. Intentional Creativity means to bring mindfulness to whatever you're creating. That you bless the works you are working with, that you bring your care and your love to the process. When challenges come, you include that in your poetry and in your paintings.

Each painting has a background story, often written in the form of poetry, and the image will often whisper (sometimes shout) a message at completion. I am currently working on a photo journal book that I hope to see published at the end of my current projected Body of Work, late 2020.

Inqueries welcome

I do sell my work and am also open for commissioned pieces.

Some of my work is available at the link below.


I welcome gallery representation and exhibit invitations

I am also open to doing demonstrations for your organization.

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